Melissa Connell
Melissa Connell

Melissa’s positive can-do attitude and her experienced corporate aptitude puts her at the top of my list when I need an on-camera spokesperson. My agency clients have always been very satisfied with the results when they choose Melissa, and that makes me, as a producer, happy too!

John Fedo
President tvStudio.com

Melissa is a consummate professional.  She is always at the top of my list when it comes to casting and never fails to deliver a first rate performance. But perhaps what I value the most when working with her is the positivity she brings to the process.  I have never heard a negative word come out of her mouth and in this field…that’s a rare and treasured commodity.

Marjorie Sokoloff
Theatre Professor
Artistic Director of STAGES at Camden County College

It has been my privileged to work with Melissa Connell in several different capacities.  She first came to me for voice lesson where over the past 5 years I have witnessed her grow into a confident and fine singer who is always expanding her range.  Seeing her bring her incredible acting ability to each song makes her ability as a singer even stronger.  Her singing lessons led to me directing her in her first solo cabaret show which was a huge undertaking and success and an extremely well received show.  As we now work on her second solo cabaret show it is once again such a pleasure to work with her creativity and huge talent.

I have also been fortunate to direct Melissa in three shows, two as the director and one as the musical director.  Her ability to bring a character to life is truly amazing.  Working with her is a director’s dream as she takes direction so incredibly well.  Any direction she is given is immediately incorporated into her portrayal and then locked in.  She can play many diverse roles and instinctively goes to the heart of the character.  Her stage presence and ability to sustain a character throughout a performance is magical.  In addition she is so completely dependable always showing up ready and wiling to work.   My life as a director has truly been enriched by working with Melissa.

Jeffrey Lesser
Artistic Director
Center City Theatre Works/Vocal Coach

As the voice of WGLS-FM, Melissa always went beyond what we expected, delivering an excellent quality recording with several different styles of readings and inflections. Many of our documentaries won regional and national awards in part, because of her rich, warm narration that tied it together perfectly and brought just the voice quality we needed.

Frank Hogan
Former General Manager WGLS-FM

Melissa is one of the most gifted, soulful actresses I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She is a consummate professional, a pleasure on set – and, clearly, the camera loves her! It goes without saying that OutreachArts hopes to work with Melissa for many years to come.

Richard T. Wilson
Emmy Award-Winning Writer-Filmmaker / OutreachArts, Inc.

Melissa is the consummate professional.  She is always prepared, spot on with her choices, has a keen eye for detail and understanding of content, and is a true joy to work with.  Having been with our training and development company for more than 15 years and counting, Melissa has been the ideal role model for every actor we’ve employed since.

Jay Frankel
President, True To Life Training

Melissa Connell is an exceptional actor and a delight to work with. I have directed her on several occasions, and I’ve seen her perform in many other plays. She consistently brings honesty, imagination, and depth to any role she plays. In rehearsals she is responsive and inventive, taking direction extremely well, working hard to get it right. There’s no diva act here. Generous with other actors, Melissa regularly spreads her upbeat attitude to everyone involved in a production. Directors, if you have a chance to cast her, you’d be crazy not to.

Randy Petersen
Director, Playwright, Acting Teacher

Melissa’s performance, professionalism and creditability for our business video was outstanding. The client was so impressed, we are developing a series for Melissa to host.

Alan Friedlander
Assoc Corp Comm Manager, Studio 2020
The Dow Chemical Company

We have been fortunate to have Melissa lend her talents to the creation of our Message on Hold productions for many years. She consistently provides a level of professionalism and creativity that is reflected in each of the vocal tracks she creates. In addition to the wonderful quality of her voice, Melissa always provides an intelligent and creative interpretation to the scripts. Since our scripts often contain technical or industry specific language, Melissa’s talent in providing us with intelligent reads is invaluable. In our experience, Melissa possesses a  variety of unique talents not shared by many voice artists.

Don Bretherick
President, New Age Business Response

Melissa is one of those rare individuals who combines talent with intelligence. It sounds strange, yet I’ve found in my time in the TV business that very few actors can—or do—embody both. This makes for a remarkably easy working environment, as Melissa is a quick study of not only the material, but the temperature on the set. I’ve been working with Melissa for many years, and have found that her versatility and fearlessness as a performer make her a sure bet for almost any role…drama, comedy, improv, spokesperson…she has amazing range. This, and the fact that she’s just a pure pleasure to work with. She embodies the traits you’d expect from a professional, yet in my experience, there are few actors I’d actually refer to as such.Please give Melissa your utmost consideration. It will be time well spent.

Scott Whitham

I’d loved watching Melissa perform in a number of plays and musical offerings, and was thrilled to be cast with her in a production of Marvin Hamlisch’s and Neil Simon’s “They’re Playing Our Song,” a two-person musical. In 30 years of performing I’ve never worked with anyone more warm, giving, supportive and natural. I found Melissa to be that rare combination of an actor who has a clear and definite character and can accommodate large or nuanced changes to that character seamlessly–and beautifully. One thing I liked about working with Melissa was that it never felt like work: I’ve never had an easier or more satisfying time on stage. I would recommend Melissa to anyone in the theater who is looking for the real deal: an actor who more than delivers the goods with grace, style and professionalism. Since so many people have told me that we make the perfect stage couple, I look forward to future projects with her… or to seeing her in any other project she is in.

Robert Smythe
Director, Producer, Actor
Founder, Mum Puppet Theatre

Student Testimonials

My daughters adore Melissa. Our family has been working with her privately (and in class settings) since 2018. The girls have truly blossomed under her guidance and expertise. She has worked with them on stage presence, television and film, voiceover technique and commercial work. Melissa has prepared them for their future and passion. She has also helped create Family Showcases, during the pandemic, where performance and theatre interactions have been limited. As a bonus, she has helped Mom 🙂 with resume preparation. She does it all. A true professional, we highly recommend Melissa to anyone thinking about getting into the business or just wishing to expand their acting repertoire.

Kelly M. South Hampton, NJ

As a current student of Melissa’s, I can say that I have had the most wonderful experience working with her. Before working with Melissa, I had no idea how to pursue my acting career but with her help and guidance I can see the changes and improvements made to my experience as an actor. Melissa has not only given me very helpful advice, but she had helped me with my confidence and the ability to trust myself when I am performing any kind of material. She is always reassuring me that it is okay to mess up and that acting is not always perfect. She is always pushing me out of my comfort zone, which for me is a bit scary but I trust Melissa and know she is helping me to grow.

Melissa has not only been a fantastic teacher, but she has become a friend. She is very down to earth and so easy to get along with. Melissa is the type of teacher that just wants the best for you and your career as an actor. Melissa makes herself available all the time for her students for questions and she is usually very flexible in scheduling sessions. She is always bringing new content to each session so that you can work on different forms and pieces of work. After working with Melissa for about a year or so I can say that I made the best decision in picking the perfect acting teacher for me. I couldn’t see myself working and growing as an actor with any other teacher. Melissa has helped me discover a deeper passion for acting that I never knew I am so grateful to her for that.

Hailey P. South Jersey

Melissa is a true professional. The experience she brings to the table is unparalleled. She is a true working actor with first hand knowledge of the profession. She gave my daughter confidence in her auditions for both acting and singing roles. Melissa always had unique material for my daughter to work with so that she was constantly challenged and growing. I highly recommend Melissa if your aspiring actor is looking to improve their stage presence, their confidence, or their overall delivery in any role or performance in their career.

Michele R. Shamong

Melissa has been an amazing help and encouragement to my daughter on her acting journey. She has been flexible and willing to work with us both online and in person. Recently she helped my daughter with upcoming auditions for a drama camp and my daughter landed a lead role. Melissa is confident, talented and a wonderful teacher with all ages. My daughter looks forward to her coaching seasons and Melissa has helped to instill confidence and motivation in my daughter. She has guided us as a coach and instructed us in how to navigate the acting world, places to apply to, help with applications and resumes. I would highly recommend Melissa for all your acting needs.

Vicky O.
West Berlin, NJ

I attended Acting House Studios in Medford, NJ and found my beautiful acting coach. When we first I was shy, nervous and awkward in front of the camera. Melissa not only brought out more of my personality, she made me fall in love with acting and made my light shine even brighter. She has a way of making you feel important in a room full of people. I’m thankful to have met her and proud to have called myself a student. She would be a great asset to anyone gracing her presence & class.

Marlton, NJ